A private boat tour is probably the best activity that you can do on Lake Como.

Whether you are in Bellagio or in the city of Como, don’t miss the chance to take a water taxi and cruise Lake Como at your own pace, maybe at sunset and with a fine bottle of prosecco.

Your driver will be happy to tell you the most curious facts about the villas and other attractions that you’re going to see. Discover the best private boat tours on Lake Como!



Lake Como is an amazing place that you will fully enjoy only by living on the surface of its beautiful waters. On a private boat tour on Lake Como,

you can discover the secret spots that you would not be able to see from the land; you can move from one spot to the other in a fast way and be able to see the most beautiful locations; and if you want, you can also stop by in the quiter locations to dive and have a swim.

Il Medeghino offers four nice yachts which can be rented with driver for an unforgettable experience on one of the most beautiful spot in Italy.


Boat Tour on lake

Embark on an elegant tour that will take you to the most renowned destinations of Como