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It was recognized by the Huffington Post as “the most beautiful lake in the world” and it is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most popular and best-known tourist destinations in Italy, evocative and alluring to a great many celebrities from the world of cinema, sports and entertainment.

As well as its breathtaking natural beauty, Lake Como has a glamorous and fashionable soul, creating a unique and incomparable combination that has made it one of the international jet set’s favourite destinations.

However, it would be a pity not to go beyond the impact of these initial aspects, because Lake Como has so much to give and to say.

History in the city of Como

If you are on holiday at Lake Como, it is worthwhile starting your itinerary by discovering the most important traces of history in Como, the town that gives the Lake its name.

Not far from the hotel, you will find the Cathedral, considered one of most important monuments in northern Italy, and the Broletto, an ancient municipal building dating back to the thirteenth century, featuring alternating bands of marble, and now a location for art exhibitions and conferences.

In Como you will easily notice the high walls that surround the entire center, evidence of Roman origins. Advice? Stroll through the pedestrian streets to reach the majestic “Tower Gate,” the main gateway of antiquity.
You will also pass through Piazza San Fedele, a square surrounded by houses dating back to the medieval age and by the 12th-century church of the same name, considered one of the best examples of Lombard Romanesque style.

Another example of this style is the Church of Sant’Abbondio, patron saint of Como, characterized by its two bell towers.

Moving on to a more contemporary style, another work of particular architectural importance, which can be reached on foot from the hotel in just a few minutes, is without doubt the “Casa del Fascio” by Terragni, emblem of 20th-century Italian rationalism.

There is no Como without lake, so don’t also miss a walk along the lake as far as the Volta Temple,a unique museum – located inside a neoclassical building – dedicated to the memory of the great physicist from Como, Alessandro Volta (inventor of the battery), the war memorial,another characteristic monument in rationalist style, and the breakwater,where you can admire Como from its waters, sitting beneath the sculpture that Libeskind donated to the city.

Don't miss out on a cable railway ride!

Here’s a new way to see the Lake Como from above. Prendi la funicolare per arrivare a Brunate e percorrerai 500 metri di dislivello in circa 7 minuti.
From Brunate, also called the “balcony” of the Alps, you can enjoy incredible panoramic views of Como, extending from the Lombard plain to Monviso and Monte Rosa!

Villages on the lake

Leaving the centre of Como and venturing out along the shores of the Lake, a visit to Cernobbio is a must, the first village you come across and is renowned for its villas and the important fairs and social events that take place there every year.

Continuing northward, one encounters the Tremezzina, where there is a fantastic view of Bellagio. Here you can visit the scenic Villa del Balbianello, film set of many Hollywood films such as Casino Royale and Star Wars, and Villa Carlotta with its botanical garden and sculptures by Canova.

Bellagio stands right in front of the latter, on the peninsula that divides the two branches of the lake.
Visit Villa Melzi and you’ll walk through the small alleys and stairways of the village to breathe in a more traditional atmosphere or still enjoy a coffee on its shores to enjoy a breathtaking view. On the opposite shore you will also find Varenna, the “pearl of the lake,” with Villa Monastero and many private villas surrounded by flower gardens.

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